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Ceramic inlay

Ceramic inlay is a very strong and aesthetic ceramic filling identical to a healthy tooth enamel. It is installed on the chewing teeth if the tooth is destroyed by 25-55%. If the tooth is destroyed by over 60%, then the prosthesis is indicated.

The difference between the ceramic inlay and the filling is that it is made in the dental laboratory, where the technician works with casts from your teeth and takes into account the peculiarities of the occlusion, the condition of the adjacent teeth and other factors, and then is fixed by the doctor in the clinic.

Since the inlay is made of ceramics, strength is one of its main advances. This is a decisive factor in favor of the ceramic inlay because it must withstand a significant load, it does not crumble and does not change color, nor does it accumulate a bacterial plaque on its perfectly smooth surface.

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