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Treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis

Treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis

We recommend to contact your dentist as soon as you think that there are dark areas or pain in your teeth. In any case, our experts will do their best to restore the integrity of the affected tooth.
Caries is a tooth lesion that needs to be treated since it is impossible to stop the process of tooth destruction without removing the tooth tissue destroyed by caries. In the clinic “Your Dentist”, we treat tooth caries, distinguishing 3 degrees of complexity, depending on the depth of damage to the tooth tissues.

Degree 1 — treatment of superficial caries — a slight lesion. In this case, the lesion site is removed, the cavity formed is processed and a filling is installed, anesthesia is not used since the procedure is painless.

Caries treatment of the degree 2 of complexity implies deeper treatment of tooth tissue affected by caries, it is possible to use anesthesia in case of pain during treatment.

3 degree of complexity is a high degree of damage when caries treatment needs anesthesia. When preparing for anesthesia treatment, we perform allergy tests for anesthetic for your safety. We use only new generation medicines from leading manufacturers.

Treatment of teeth with deep caries can be prolonged, as it can often be complicated by pulpitis and periodontitis.

Periodontitis is the inflammation of the periodontium, connective tissue that fills the space between the tooth and its bone bed. The tooth needs nutrition, and blood and lymph vessels which feed it, as well as the nerves, are in periodontium. The periodontium serves to amortize the load on the teeth and evenly distribute this load on the jawbone.
The main symptoms of periodontitis is a sharp pain in the tooth area, which is strengthened by touching it, there are also hyperemia of the lips, cheeks, gum enlargement, and teeth mobility. Sometimes a channel occurs on the gum, formed to drain the contents from the site of inflammation.

Chronic periodontitis is often found occasionally on an X-ray image when treating the neighboring teeth. It is characterized by the patient’s discomfort, mild pain when chewing.
Periodontitis is treated for a long time until the inflammatory process stops completely. Without proper treatment, the infection can spread to nearby tissues, and this can lead to the emergence of dangerous diseases: osteomyelitis of the jaw, sinusitis, etc.

Timely treatment of caries and pulpitis, regular examination at the dentist are the best prevention of periodontitis.

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