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Prosthetics of teeth will help restore lost or damaged teeth, and if necessary, completely restore or partially replace the jawbone.

There are several types of dental prosthesis. Here we will talk about dental crowns.
Dental crowns belong to non-removable dental prosthesis and, first of all, are used for restoring teeth damaged by caries, destroyed or injured ones.
Prosthesis with dental crowns is also used when the tooth cannot be restored in another way, for example, cracked teeth (with missing half of the crown part of the tooth), broken (with missing crown part of the tooth), etc.

Dental crowns look like natural teeth, they are strong and aesthetic. The most common material for making crowns is metal ceramics. Alloys of different metals are also used for production of dental crowns.
When making a crown, a material based on zirconium dioxide is often used, it is called zirconium, they are manufactured using advanced technology using computer modeling. This ensures a perfect fit of the crown, which excludes occurrence of inflammation in the gingival margin.

The most important advantage of zirconium crowns for patients is a perfectly natural appearance. Selection of the desired shade is carried out even at the stage of making the frame. The caps themselves are translucent, which guarantees a natural look of the teeth. Moreover, the outer layer of the crown can be made of transparent ceramics to make the smile indistinguishable from the natural one.

Zirconium crowns require significantly less turning of teeth than metal ceramic. Thanks to this they can be installed even on live teeth.
Zirconium crowns are very thin — the thickness of the carcass is only 0.4 mm, and the strength of such crowns is higher than the strength of the metal-ceramic one. This allows to create from zirconium oxide bridges and even to install zirconium crowns on top of the implants.
The experience of leading dentists proves that the use of zirconium crowns is an advantageous, effective and safe way to achieve a perfect smile.

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