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Restoration of teeth

Restoration of teeth is a special type of restoration of dental tissues, it differs from filling because it allows not only to restore the appearance and functions but also to correct existing aesthetic problems: to correct the form, to close cracks, chipping, to hide gaps between the teeth, deformations etc.

Restoration of the front teeth, as a rule, is made in a direct way — using highly aesthetic photopolymer materials.
Teeth that are outside the smile area are often restored by the so-called indirect method: using structures made of ceramics, plastics, metal, etc.

Using the request “restoration of teeth Kiev” you will find many offers from various dental clinics. Always pay attention to quality of the materials used. The clinic «Your Dentist» uses materials of the latest generations of Japanese, German, American manufacturers

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The clinic is located in five minutes walk from “Kontraktovaa Ploshcha” metro station (exit to the cinema “Zhovten” and Konstantinovskaya street