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Removal of the “wisdom tooth”

Removal of the wisdom tooth is an operation that is made in the event of its misposition, lateral or inclined eruption, which touches the roots of adjacent teeth; root ingrowth in the maxillary sinus; affection by caries and inability to perform treatment because of its inaccessibility.
So-called “wisdom” teeth were necessary for our ancestors to grind nuts and roots. But civilization, as you know, can turn into atavism barely used parts of the body. And the human jaw accustomed to chewing mostly processed food becomes smaller in size and sometimes does not have space for “extra” third molars — “wisdom” teeth. For this reason, a malocclusion often occurs and dental arch is deformed.
In the clinic «Your dentist» doctors try to do everything possible to keep the “eight” teeth because in the future they can become a support for bridge prosthetics or take a chewing function when removing a nearby tooth. If the “wisdom” teeth are located correctly and their condition is normal, then they successfully supplement the dental arch. Their removal is necessary only in the event when they cause any problems and complications. In addition, the hygiene of the latter teeth in the dental arch is often insufficient, so these teeth are more prone to tooth caries and its complications.

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