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Veneers are thin plates of pressed ceramics that cover the front surface of your teeth and create a perfect smile.
Veneers can fix many cosmetic defects in the dental arch.
Veneers usually require three visits to the dentist.

At the first visit, the dentist after a detailed digital diagnosis of your smile will treat the teeth — remove the thinnest layer of enamel (the outer covering of your teeth) to make place for the ceramic plate. Usually, only half a millimeter is removed, this procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Then he will make molds for making the veneers in the laboratory and will install temporary plastic veneers for you while waiting.

During the second visit, you try on the veneers in our clinic, in the presence of the technician, and discuss whether you need correction of their color and shape. During the third visit, the doctor will fix the veneers on your teeth.

Your smile is important for us!

The clinic is located in five minutes walk from “Kontraktovaa Ploshcha” metro station (exit to the cinema “Zhovten” and Konstantinovskaya street