Consultation and diagnostics

A consultation is a necessary step in the relationship between you and your doctor

Knowledge, experience, questioning and examination of you as a patient will allow the dentist to draw a conclusion about your condition and make a diagnosis. But each of us is an extremely complex biological organism, scientists around the world are carefully studying in their high-tech laboratories.

As a result of their work, there appeared and are used a variety of methods and tools for diagnosis that provide significant assistance to the doctor in making an accurate diagnosis and help to speed up and improve the quality of treatment.

In dentistry, these gifts of civilization and the development of science are also used, but not in every dentistry you will be treated with computer anesthesia, under a microscope and CT diagnostics will be done.

The condition of the tooth tissues, as seen by the doctor with the naked eye and under a microscope with a magnification of 20-40 times, is significantly different. And this difference often affects the result of treatment, the duration of its effect.


This is what a tooth looks like during the examination and on an X-ray.

The carious process, which has long started under the filling, can proceed unnoticed without a shot, but will inevitably lead to the loss of a tooth. Therefore, after examining and collecting information about the state of health, our doctors prescribe a panoramic shot or a computed tomogram in order to provide adequate assistance and save your health, time and money.

In our dental center we provide treatment

with all the equipment and materials necessary for treatment according to modern protocols, and we also offer a number of basic examinations:

X-ray with visiograph

1-2 teeth in one plane. Most often required snapshot for monitoring therapeutic, surgical treatment.

Panoramic shot

(OPTG) a shot of all teeth in one projection.


(TRG) in lateral and direct projection. This type of examination is mainly used by the orthodontist to calculate and analyze the future treatment.

Computed tomography of the upper and lower jaw

A three-dimensional shot, which is necessary for the diagnosis of pathologies and the planning of surgical and implant treatment.

Computed tomography of the jaw joints

The basis of gnathological and orthodontic treatment.

Computed tomography of the sinuses

Examination for an otolaryngologist, a specialist whom we often involve in the complex treatment process.

Spot X-ray with a visiograph

UAH 180

Panoramic shot

UAH 350

CT of 2 jaws

UAH 900


UAH 350

X-ray examinations are safe with us. The new tomograph made in Germany provides high quality shots and a very low radiation dose. But they have contraindications, this must be taken into account, you must refrain from taking shots if:

  • you have metal implants in your body;
  • you are a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • during an exacerbation of the disease;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases.

Our specialists have a high level of training, the shots you take with us have a high clarity and resolution, therefore, the possibility of making false diagnoses is excluded, and allow us to assess the condition of the dentition to prescribe adequate treatment.

Prices for a detailed consultation up to 60 minutes at “Tviy Stomatolog” clinic

Consultation including drawing up a treatment plan in writing costs UAH 600

By contacting us in time, you will receive advice and a treatment plan from a qualified specialist.

Your smile is important for us!

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