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Dental treatment under the microscope

What is a microscope for?

The answer is obvious and simple: in order to see more, the smallest details invisible to the naked eye under a microscope become obvious.

If your dentist uses a microscope in his daily work and he is prepared to work with it, then many tasks can be performed by him 3-30 times better and more accurately. It is this magnification that provides the optics of a surgical microscope used in dentistry.

What will the doctor see?

  • potential danger: subgingival deposits, splits, cracks, caries at the initial stage, when it looks like a stain and is not visible to us even in very good light. The powerful light source of the microscope, multiple magnification and the trained eye of the endodontist will help isolate or eliminate the place of bacteria formation and save teeth with the listed defects from destruction;
  • the place where the fillings fit to the tooth: when filling a tooth under a microscope, the doctor can ensure a more accurate fit of the fillings to the edges of the tooth, the tissue structure will be restored finely and accurately, repeating the anatomical structure of the tooth, as a result, the fillings will stand several times longer;
  • the accuracy of the fit of the crown to the tooth: in order for the tooth prosthesis to serve for a long time, it is very important to ensure perfect grinding. If this procedure is performed under a microscope, the life of the prosthetic tooth increases and the tooth under the crown will not deteriorate, since the possibility of getting food or drinks under the crown is reduced to a minimum;
  • the number, direction, course of the canals, as well as foreign objects in previously treated canals.

So, CANALS. You need to stop here. Since a microscope is vital to treat tooth canals!

Initial treatment of canals under a microscope will allow them to be treated competently and often in one visit and sealed. Since the tooth canal is very thin, it is often bent and has branches, it is very difficult to treat it and seal it to the touch without a microscope. Therefore, cases of retreating canals, extracting broken instruments and closing perforations — unwanted holes in the root of the tooth are so frequent. With a microscope, all channels and their branches will be found, thoroughly cleaned and sealed to the end, without giving a chance of infection, because to ensure their sterility will allow powerful light and multiple enlargement of a surgical microscope.

Secondary endodontics without a microscope is almost impossible.

If previously the tooth canals were treated, then the process of filling them out can be very complicated, it is not without reason that the list of clinic services indicates a separate article “attempt to unseal the root canal”. The filling material with which the channels were filled earlier, especially before the widespread use of modern methods, is very difficult to extract, and without a microscope it is completely impossible to completely clear the channel from them.

The tools that work in the root canals of the teeth are very thin. Passing the canal, the doctor gradually expands its mouth and if the dentist works blindly — he does not see the direction, the canal, even using high-quality instruments, can allow an accident — a tool breakage in the tooth canal. In order to give a positive prognosis for the tooth in which the tool remained, it is better to remove this tool. And this is possible only under a microscope.

With a microscope, it is often possible to treat granulomas and cysts without the intervention of a surgeon — with the preservation of the tooth, inflammation is eliminated inside the canal.

And finally, it’s convenient. The doctor works in a position convenient for him, and if you take into account the fact that he spends several hours at work, then for the quality and productivity of his work, convenience is an important factor. The patient also feels more comfortable, during treatment under a microscope, the patient lies in a chair.

Remember that caring for the health of your teeth is primarily your task. Do not miss regular examinations at your dentist, and if you feel discomfort or pain, immediately seek professional help.

Your smile is important for us!

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