Canal treatment

Doctors resort to canal treatment when

caries has passed into the next stage of its development – pulpitis – an inflammatory process of the neurovascular bundle (pulp) of the tooth. As a rule, it is accompanied by pain radiating to the ear, back of the head or temple, depending on the location of the tooth.

One of the functions of the pulp is to prevent infections from entering the periodontium, and it also ensures the vital activity of the tooth tissues due to the blood vessels located in it.

Therefore, the development of pulpitis is directly related to caries, microbes penetrate into the pulp namely from the carious cavity.

If you do not treat pulpitis and tolerate a little more, you can get periodontitis, when the pulp completely loses its protective functions. The inflammation process reaches the tissues surrounding the tooth.

The main symptoms of periodontitis are sharp pain near ​​the tooth, which is aggravated by touching it, there is also an increase in the temperature of the lips, cheeks, swelling of the gums, and tooth mobility. Sometimes, a canal is formed on the gums for an outflow from the site of inflammation – a fistula.

It requires high-quality pain relief and a microscope.

We use the latest generation of anesthetics and a computer anesthesia system, which allows us to make the process of injecting anesthetic comfortable and anesthetize only the necessary area.

The face and tongue remain sensitive in contrast to the conventional injection method.

Find and neutralize!

What is a microscope used for during root canal treatment?

it is easier to find canals with magnification, because they are sometimes thinner than a hair;

to reveal the branching of root canals;

notice all the bends and ledges in the canals;

go through the canals to the end;

get rid of all remnants of infected tissue;

seal them hermetically.

And, of course, to remove any pieces of instruments forgotten during previous visits to the dentist.

By contacting us in time, you will receive advice and a treatment plan from a qualified specialist.

The cost of treatment in our clinic

Root canal filling – starting from UAH 750

WHO IS treating canals AT TVIY STOMATOLOG?

Andrei Korniienko
Chief doctor, orthopedic dentist
He has been working in dentistry for almost 30 years. Over 15 years he worked at the Bogomolets National Medical University. Taught to be orthopedic dentists more than a dozen doctors. Andrei Vladimirovich is now training specialists in orthopedics and therapy. A great passion for a doctor is underwater hunting! He believes that it helps him to stay focused and attentive to little details, and only after the plunging into the pool you really enjoy the sunshine!
Irina Sokolovskaia
Therapist, periodontist
Doctor Irina has skillful hands and her lucky touch will allow you to fall asleep in the chair during treatment! Irina is loved by many patients for her intelligent and thoughtful approach to treatment! Active professional growth is the way of life of Dr. Sokolovskaya! Irina Sergeevna graduated from the Medical University in 2014. Every year, Irina receives training at specialized courses and seminars, searches and applies the latest developments and technologies in her daily practice.
Vladimir Ivanov
Dentist-surgeon, orthopedist
Vladimir Georgievich received a dentist diploma in 2009. And almost immediately he determined for himself the areas in which he wants to develop as a doctor. Surgery and aesthetic dentistry are the doctor's priority, as evidenced by diplomas and certificates of training from the most prominent specialists. 100 times measures, before cuts once. The doctor has modern diagnostic and professional equipment. You will not see a more positive dentist-surgeon! Even before a difficult manipulation, the doctor will inspire you with calmness, and then will start to work. Studying difficult practical situations is the real passion of a doctor! He will not miss any complaint of the patient, strives for his maximum comfort, while not forgetting the medical protocols
Yaroslav Tarasevich
Orthopedic surgeon, endodontist
Yaroslav Vasilievich received a dentist diploma in 2010. But since then, he has been tirelessly improving his skills in the field of aesthetic dentistry, orthopedics and endodontics. In the clinic "Tviy Stomatolog" in Podil, Yaroslav Vasilievich is engaged in prosthetics, treatment of dental canals and other issues of dental health. Yaroslav is a true artist! The doctor pays particular attention to aesthetics, his arsenal includes the latest developments in the field of restorations, modern approach to prosthetics, use of the latest techniques and materials.

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