Ceramic inlay

Ceramic inlay is a very strong and aesthetic ceramic filling

identical to a healthy tooth enamel. It is installed on the chewing teeth if the tooth is destroyed by 25-55%. If the tooth is destroyed by over 60%, then the prosthesis is indicated.

The difference between the ceramic inlay and the filling is that it is made in the dental laboratory, where the technician works with casts from your teeth and takes into account the peculiarities of the occlusion, the condition of the adjacent teeth and other factors, and then is fixed by the doctor in the clinic.

Since the inlay is made of ceramics, strength is one of its main advances. This is a decisive factor in favor of the ceramic inlay because it must withstand a significant load, it does not crumble and does not change color, nor does it accumulate a bacterial plaque on its perfectly smooth surface.


The price for a ceramic inlay

in our clinic starts from UAH 7500


Andrei Korniienko
Chief doctor, orthopedic dentist
He has been working in dentistry for almost 30 years. Over 15 years he worked at the Bogomolets National Medical University. Taught to be orthopedic dentists more than a dozen doctors. Andrei Vladimirovich is now training specialists in orthopedics and therapy. A great passion for a doctor is underwater hunting! He believes that it helps him to stay focused and attentive to little details, and only after the plunging into the pool you really enjoy the sunshine!
Vladimir Ivanov
Dentist-surgeon, orthopedist
Vladimir Georgievich received a dentist diploma in 2009. And almost immediately he determined for himself the areas in which he wants to develop as a doctor. Surgery and aesthetic dentistry are the doctor's priority, as evidenced by diplomas and certificates of training from the most prominent specialists. 100 times measures, before cuts once. The doctor has modern diagnostic and professional equipment. You will not see a more positive dentist-surgeon! Even before a difficult manipulation, the doctor will inspire you with calmness, and then will start to work. Studying difficult practical situations is the real passion of a doctor! He will not miss any complaint of the patient, strives for his maximum comfort, while not forgetting the medical protocols
Yaroslav Tarasevich
Orthopedic surgeon, endodontist
Yaroslav Vasilievich received a dentist diploma in 2010. But since then, he has been tirelessly improving his skills in the field of aesthetic dentistry, orthopedics and endodontics. In the clinic "Tviy Stomatolog" in Podil, Yaroslav Vasilievich is engaged in prosthetics, treatment of dental canals and other issues of dental health. Yaroslav is a true artist! The doctor pays particular attention to aesthetics, his arsenal includes the latest developments in the field of restorations, modern approach to prosthetics, use of the latest techniques and materials.

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