Teeth whitening

You have a beautiful tooth shape, but you are not satisfied with the color of the enamel?

Dental Clinic “Tviy Stomatolog” offers teeth whitening. Thanks to a simple procedure, the smile of your dreams will become a reality. We use professional methods that will allow you to whiten your teeth in several tones in just one visit.


In addition to personal aesthetic preferences, dental whitening has medical indications:

  • pigmented enamel;
  • “tetracycline teeth”;
  • post-restoration treatment;
  • fluorosis (dashed or spotted form);
  • other discolorites.

At the consultation, a specialist evaluates the condition of the oral cavity and, if necessary, prescribes additional treatment. Whitening is carried out on completely healthy teeth.

At YOUR DENTIST clinic, our whitening procedure includes the use of the Beyond safe whitening system.

Whitening with the Beyond system involves several fundamental differences from the traditional whitening methods.
The oxygen gel activator is a cold blue-spectrum light, which is safe for the enamel and soft tissues of the tooth, in contrast to ultraviolet radiation.
The system makes it possible to customize and adjust the exposure depending on the patient’s peculiarities.
The cold light whitening procedure with the Beyond system will brighten the tooth enamel by 7–10 tones.
Proper dental care and adherence to your doctor’s recommendations will maintain the effect for a year or more.

What does the whitening procedure based on the Beyond system include:

Preparation. A fixture is installed in the mouth to hold the jaws in the position necessary for the procedure, a moisturizing gel is applied to the lips, and protection, namely, a liquid rubber dam is applied to the gums to avoid irritating the mucous membrane caused by the whitening gel.

First gel application. A hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth, and a lamp with a preset program is turned on for 10 minutes.

Gel reapplication. In 10 minutes, the doctor removes the remnants of the drug applied at the beginning of the procedure and applies a new portion of it again. Then the lamp is turned on again.

Third gel application.

When the whitening procedure ends, the doctor will cover the teeth with a drug to protect and strengthen the tooth enamel.

Please note that for some time it is necessary to follow a “white” diet: do not eat foods and drinks of bright colors nor forget about daily tooth brushing and dental floss.

During a face-to-face consultation, the dentist will give you the more detailed information.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Perhaps the most popular question of patients. The cost of teeth whitening depends on the selected system. It is also necessary to consider that preliminary hygienic cleaning may be added to the price.

The price of teeth whitening in our clinic

Amazing White whitening
UAH 3750/2 jaws
Beyond whitening
UAH 6250/2 jaws

Who at Tviy Stomatolog does teeth whitening?

Andrei Korniienko
Chief doctor, orthopedic dentist
He has been working in dentistry for almost 30 years. Over 15 years he worked at the Bogomolets National Medical University. Taught to be orthopedic dentists more than a dozen doctors. Andrei Vladimirovich is now training specialists in orthopedics and therapy. A great passion for a doctor is underwater hunting! He believes that it helps him to stay focused and attentive to little details, and only after the plunging into the pool you really enjoy the sunshine!
Irina Sokolovskaia
Therapist, periodontist
Doctor Irina has skillful hands and her lucky touch will allow you to fall asleep in the chair during treatment! Irina is loved by many patients for her intelligent and thoughtful approach to treatment! Active professional growth is the way of life of Dr. Sokolovskaya! Irina Sergeevna graduated from the Medical University in 2014. Every year, Irina receives training at specialized courses and seminars, searches and applies the latest developments and technologies in her daily practice.
Vladimir Ivanov
Dentist-surgeon, orthopedist
Vladimir Georgievich received a dentist diploma in 2009. And almost immediately he determined for himself the areas in which he wants to develop as a doctor. Surgery and aesthetic dentistry are the doctor's priority, as evidenced by diplomas and certificates of training from the most prominent specialists. 100 times measures, before cuts once. The doctor has modern diagnostic and professional equipment. You will not see a more positive dentist-surgeon! Even before a difficult manipulation, the doctor will inspire you with calmness, and then will start to work. Studying difficult practical situations is the real passion of a doctor! He will not miss any complaint of the patient, strives for his maximum comfort, while not forgetting the medical protocols
Yaroslav Tarasevich
Orthopedic surgeon, endodontist
Yaroslav Vasilievich received a dentist diploma in 2010. But since then, he has been tirelessly improving his skills in the field of aesthetic dentistry, orthopedics and endodontics. In the clinic "Tviy Stomatolog" in Podil, Yaroslav Vasilievich is engaged in prosthetics, treatment of dental canals and other issues of dental health. Yaroslav is a true artist! The doctor pays particular attention to aesthetics, his arsenal includes the latest developments in the field of restorations, modern approach to prosthetics, use of the latest techniques and materials.

Your smile is important for us!

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