Plasma therapy

Plasma therapy in dentistry

is a great way to stop the destructive processes in the soft tissues of the oral cavity. Our blood is our medicine. Platelets Rich Plasma injected locally in the affected areas of the gums stimulates blood circulation, regeneration of damaged tissues due to a high concentration of growth factors, which accelerate the recovery process.

Why is it so important to recover the functions of tissues that have lost normal blood supply as a result of inflammation or injury? The simple answer is in order not to lose teeth.

The main problems successfully solved by PRP and the scope of the technique are listed below:

  • bleeding gums (gingivitis);
  • acceleration of the extraction socket healing;
  • tooth mobility, periodontitis;
  • complications after surgical interventions;
  • preparation for implantation;
  • inflammation of tissues after implantation;
  • general diseases of the oral cavity, etc.
Plasma therapy

Advantages of Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Availability – the procedure can be carried out in a medical center and no special preparation is required.

Safety – allergic reactions are reduced to zero as your own plasma is used and you have no allergic reactions to it.

Painlessness – injections into soft tissues are made with the thinnest needle.

PRP is unique and accessible, both as an independent method, and in combination with other methods it allows for excellent results in the rehabilitation of the soft tissues in dental treatment.

Learn more about PRP and other methods of treatment at the consultation.

Price starts from 1900 UAH

The doctor who performs the procedure

Irina Sokolovskaia
Therapist, periodontist
Doctor Irina has skillful hands and her lucky touch will allow you to fall asleep in the chair during treatment! Irina is loved by many patients for her intelligent and thoughtful approach to treatment! Active professional growth is the way of life of Dr. Sokolovskaya! Irina Sergeevna graduated from the Medical University in 2014. Every year, Irina receives training at specialized courses and seminars, searches and applies the latest developments and technologies in her daily practice.

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