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Prices for our services

This page presents the prices of dental services in the clinic “Tviy Stomatolog”. The price is indicative; the doctor can tell the final cost only at the consultation.


Examination and consultation up to 20 minutes
Extensive consultation up to 60 minutes
Consultation with a written treatment plan
500 UAH
Consultation of an implant surgeon with analysis of a computed tomography scans
500 UAH
Orthodontist consultation
350 UAH


Computer STA
350 UAH

Professional hygiene (for 2 jaws)

Removal of dental plaque with abrasive paste
500 UAH
Complex removal of dental plaque
(ultrasound scaler, Air Flow, abrasive paste)
1250 UAH

Treatment of caries

Treatment of caries, filling with photopolymeric material
from 800 UAH
Root canal treatment
from 500 UAH

Microscopic treatment

Root canal unsealing
from 800 UAH
Mechanical and instrumental root canal therapy
from 1200 UAH
Foreign body removal from the root canal
2000 UAH
Root canal filling
from 600 UAH

Restoration of teeth

Restoration of the crown part of the tooth with photopolymer material
from 1000 UAH
Restoration of the crown part of the tooth with glass-ionomer material
from 500 UAH
Direct highly aesthetic restoration
2500-3000 UAH


Metal сeramic сrown
3100 UAH
E-Max сeramic crown
9000 UAH
Коронка цельнолитая
600 UAH


Composite veneer
from 3000 UAH
E max veneer
9000 UAH

Ceramic inlay

Ceramic inlay
6000 UAH

Tooth removal

Atypical tooth extraction with anesthesia and suturing (upper jaw)
up to 2000 UAH
Atypical tooth extraction with anesthesia and suturing (lower jaw)
up to 3000 UAH
Easy removal of multi-root tooth
900 UAH
Complex removal of a multi-root tooth
up to 1500 UAH

Correction of occlusion

Cost of the treatment with a metal braces system (2 jaws)
10000 UAH
Cost of the treatment with a ceramic braces system (2 jaws)
14000 UAH
Cost of the treatment with a sapphire braces system (2 jaws)
16000 UAH

H-Dent Implant (Israel)

Implant installation
6000 UAH

B&B Dental Implant (Italy)

Implant installation
11000 UAH

Bego Semados Implant (Germany)

Implant installation
12250 UAH

Ankilos Implant (Germany)

Implant installation
17000 UAH

Shtraumann Implant (Switzerland)

Stage 1 (implant installation)
26350 UAH

What determines the prices in dentistry?

When searching for dentistry, prices are one of the main advantages in favor of a particular clinic. In “Tviy Stomatolog”, the prices for dental treatment are in the middle price segment. We try to do everything so that our services are available to as many people as possible.

Our clinic uses modern equipment and materials, which allows us to carry out all procedures at a high level. Our doctors are worth mentioning separately – each of them is a true professional with experience in their field for at least 10 years.

The cost of drugs and consumables changes quite often, especially given the unstable situation with the currency rate. Therefore, the price of dental treatment directly depends on the cost of materials.

The cost of treatment in our dentistry is compiled during the doctor’s appointment, after a detailed consultation, after which you will have a detailed treatment plan, its cost and timing of its implementation. We respect each patient, their time and money, therefore we always offer several treatment options.