Loss of teeth (sometimes even of one tooth) leads to possible changes in the contours of the face

and even atrophy of the bone at the site of the removed tooth with possible subsequent exposure of the necks of neighboring teeth. The implant can slow down this process, which, of course, will positively affect both the health of the remaining teeth and will not allow your appearance to change for the worse.

What is an implant?

In fact, this is an artificial root of the tooth, which serves as a support for further prosthetics and, fused with the jawbone, allows to restore the dental arch. The implant is made of biocompatible titanium alloys, since it is this material that contributes to excellent osseointegration (splicing with native bone tissue).


Installing dental implants

The procedure of installing dental implants and further prosthetics on implants consists of several stages:

First you need a thorough diagnosis, including a blood test and jaws CT. The implants system is selected at this stage too.

Tooth implant placement
Surgical procedures include implantation of a dental implant with further suturing of the gums. Before the operation, soft tissue and periosteum are anesthetized. There are no nerve endings in the bones where the implant is implanted, so you should not believe the myth of the soreness of this operation.

Stitch removal
After 10-14 days, the stitches are removed. The procedure, as a rule, does not cause much discomfort, it is painless and is performed without anesthesia.

Healing abutment
In order for the tooth to look natural in the dentition, a bed must be formed for it, for this, after 4-6 months, the gum shaper is installed. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, since the shaper must be fixed in the implant and in the soft tissues. After 10 days, the shaper is removed and prosthetics is started.

Installation of the abbey
To place a crown on an implant, an important detail is needed – the abbey. This is the basis for the future crown.

Installation of the crown
Next impressions are removed for the manufacture of crowns on the implant. Depending on the wishes and expediency, it is possible to choose a ceramic-metal crown, a pressed ceramic crown, zirconia-based ceramic, and a crown E max. A few days after the impression is taken, the crowns are ready for fixation.

The classic implantation option is described above if it is performed some time after the loss of a tooth. In dentistry, teeth can be implanted in one day if the procedure is performed immediately after removal and the conditions allow this to be done.

What dental implants we install

Implants can be divided into several levels. Learn the pros and cons of each

Level 1 implants

Premium-class systems — like Mercedes in the world of implants: it’s innovation, high quality, well-formed brand and almost 100% survival rate. One of the main differences of premium-class implants is over 40 years of production and application experience, own scientific developments and patented technologies.

Implants with installation:

  • Straumann (Швейцарія) — UAH 30000
  • Ankylos (Germany) — UAH 21250

Level 2 implants

The quality of surface treatment, low percentage of rejection are almost equal to implantation systems of the 1st generation. The designs of these brands are universal, able to meet any needs in this area. There are proprietary patented technologies.

Implants with installation:

  • Bego (Germany) — UAH 15300

Level 3 implants

Allow to achieve good results with less investment. The companies-manufacturers use both the achievements of the leading companies and their own innovative developments. They provide excellent functionality, high quality and allow you to implement most of the prosthetic options.

Implants with installation:

  • B&B Dental (Italy) — UAH 13750
  • MIS (Israel) — UAH 11250

Level 4 implants

Help to meet the need for implantation of teeth for people who, for various reasons, cannot afford a more expensive option. Doctors of the clinic “Tviy Stomatolog” will give you a detailed consultation about all implant systems available to you.

Implants with installation:

  • South Korea, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia from UAH 6000
  • H-Dent (Israel) UAH 7500


UAH 21250 with installation


UAH 15300 with installation

B&B Dental

UAH 13750 with installation


UAH 7500 with installation

Our warranties

Dental clinic “Tviy Stomatolog” gives a guarantee for implants from 20 years to life. In case of failure of the implant, we replace it for free. The most vulnerable period is the first year of operation with a load (with a crown). If the implant is rejected during this period, our clinic replaces it for free (only for patients of the clinic “Tviy Stomatolog”, subject to good hygiene and regular visits to a specialist).

How much does a tooth implant cost?

The cost of a tooth implant can vary, depending on additional procedures: for example, bone grafting, sinus lift, etc. You can determine the final price of dental implants during a face-to-face consultation at Tviy Stomatolog Dental Clinic.

Who installs implants in Tviy Stomatolog?

Vladimir Ivanov
Dentist-surgeon, orthopedist
Vladimir Georgievich received a dentist diploma in 2009. And almost immediately he determined for himself the areas in which he wants to develop as a doctor. Surgery and aesthetic dentistry are the doctor's priority, as evidenced by diplomas and certificates of training from the most prominent specialists. 100 times measures, before cuts once. The doctor has modern diagnostic and professional equipment. You will not see a more positive dentist-surgeon! Even before a difficult manipulation, the doctor will inspire you with calmness, and then will start to work. Studying difficult practical situations is the real passion of a doctor! He will not miss any complaint of the patient, strives for his maximum comfort, while not forgetting the medical protocols
Sergei Lysiuk
Dentist - implantologist, surgeon, orthopedist
For 10 years Sergei Vasilievich has been conducting specialized courses and seminars on issues related to implantology, and deals with issues of prosthetics on implants. He believes that there are no hopeless situations and where others do not see a way out, Sergei Vasilievich will offer at least two options.

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