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Dental prosthetics is the most technologically advanced area of ​​dentistry, which allows to achieve amazing treatment results. Tviy Stomatolog Clinic performs dental prosthetics using modern technologies and equipment. Our experts will help return the beauty of your smile and self-confidence.


  • lack of one or several teeth;
  • tooth decay, chipping;
  • part of the crown of the tooth is affected by caries;
  • unsatisfactory color, shape, size of teeth;
  • multiple defects of the dentition.

After the examination, the doctor will choose the best option for recovery, thanks to which your smile will look natural.

Dentures: what to choose?

In orthopedic dentistry, prosthetics is divided into removable and non-removable. The first type is suitable in the absence of several or all teeth, the second — if there is no one tooth or there is a need to hide defects. Let’s take a closer look at each of the species.

Removable prosthetics are offered in case of loss of a large number of teeth in situations when it is impossible to use other types of prosthetics: implants, bridges. Removable dentures can be complete — in the absence of all teeth.

Disadvantages of complete removable dentures:

  • fragility — over time, when chewing, the gums atrophy and the prosthesis requires replacement;
  • weak fixation;
  • require quite a long addiction.

To minimize discomfort, it is very important that the material and shape are selected correctly. It must also be remembered that removable structures require careful maintenance.

There are also partially removable dentures, they are offered in the presence of at least several of their teeth. Particularity of partial dentures is that they are attached to their teeth and support when chewing, which allows you to distribute the load more evenly.

If possible, we propose the use of technologies that make it possible to use the method of fixed prosthetics — a more durable and reliable way to restore the function and aesthetics of the dentition.

Removable and partially removable dentures are suitable for those who, due to old age or injuries, have lost their teeth. This technique allows you to make the dentition aesthetic and completely restore the chewing function of the jaw.

Fixed prosthetics

If restoration of one or several teeth is required, it is necessary to hide the defects of several teeth — in these cases, fixed dental prosthetics is recommended.

Fixed prostheses include:


Offered when damage is less than 50%. One of the best options for restoring the aesthetics of the frontal group of teeth. Veneers are the best option for prosthetics of the front teeth.


Used if teeth are damaged by more than 50%. We install ceramic-metal, ceramic and solid cast crowns.

Ceramic inlays

A modern alternative to volumetric fillings. Allows you to restore the tooth if it is destroyed by 25-65%. The processing of the tooth under the tab practically does not differ from the processing under the filling. As a result, you get a durable beautiful tooth that completely repeats the anatomical shape.


Several dental crowns combined into a bridge. Comfortable design that is no different from your own teeth.

About care:

  • removable dentures should be cleaned regularly with special pastes and brushes;
  • for fixed structures, it is better to get an irrigator;
  • every 6 months, be sure to visit a doctor for examination and hygienic cleaning.

Dental prosthetics - prices for services

Many people choose one or another type of prosthetics, based on the price. We treat each of our patients with understanding, therefore we never impose unnecessary services and manipulations. As a rule, the price of dental prosthetics includes the consultation of an orthopedic dentist, the work of a dental technician, the cost of materials and the installation of the prosthesis itself. Additionally, anesthesia can be paid.

Dental prosthetics prices at Tviy Stomatolog

Metalceramic crown
from 2000 UAH
E max ceramic crown
7000 UAH
Solid cast crown
from 600 UAH
Сeramic inlay
from 4500 UAH
E max veneer
7000 UAH

Who does prosthetics at Tviy Stomatolog?

Andrei Vladimirovich Korniienko
Chief physician of the clinic. Orthopedics, therapy, surgery
He has been working in dentistry for almost 30 years. Over 15 years he worked at the Bogomolets National Medical University. Taught to be orthopedic dentists more than a dozen doctors. Andrei Vladimirovich is now training specialists in orthopedics and therapy. A great passion for a doctor is underwater hunting! He believes that it helps him to stay focused and attentive to little details, and only after the plunging into the pool you really enjoy the sunshine!
Vladimir Ivanov
Dentist-surgeon, implantologist, orthopedist
Vladimir Georgievich received a dentist diploma in 2009. And almost immediately he determined for himself the areas in which he wants to develop as a doctor. Surgery and aesthetic dentistry are the doctor's priority, as evidenced by diplomas and certificates of training from the most prominent specialists. 100 times measures, before cuts once. The doctor has modern diagnostic and professional equipment. You will not see a more positive dentist-surgeon! Even before a difficult manipulation, the doctor will inspire you with calmness, and then will start to work. Studying difficult practical situations is the real passion of a doctor! He will not miss any complaint of the patient, strives for his maximum comfort, while not forgetting the medical protocols
Yaroslav Tarasevich
Dentist-therapist, orthopedist
Yaroslav Vasilievich received a dentist diploma in 2010. But since then, he has been tirelessly improving his skills in the field of aesthetic dentistry, orthopedics and endodontics. In the clinic "Tviy Stomatolog" in Podil, Yaroslav Vasilievich is engaged in prosthetics, treatment of dental canals and other issues of dental health. Yaroslav is a true artist! The doctor pays particular attention to aesthetics, his arsenal includes the latest developments in the field of restorations, modern approach to prosthetics, use of the latest techniques and materials.

Your smile is important for us!

The clinic is located in five minutes walk from “Kontraktova Ploshcha” metro station (exit to the cinema “Zhovten” and Konstantinovskaya street).